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                                                   Big Rec, Golden Gate Park, SF, Circa 1910

I like playing at Big Rec.  My first game there was in the fall of 1996.  It's a little quirky with right field of Nealon overlapping left field of Graham.  It's one of the few fields where you almost always have spectators.  Oh, and Yancy's is only 2 blocks away!  Gotta have those post-game refreshments. 

For a little bit of Big Rec history click here.

Park Bums?  I played for the Park Bums for one fall season but not these guys.



Big Rec, the baseball field in Golden Gate Park

with UCSF in background. 1910s

  Courtesy of John Freeman




Below are 4 pictures sent to me by Paul Wiederecht.

His understanding is that they were taken in 1965 at a baseball clinic at Big Rec, Graham, (the west field).

Instructors are Lefty O'Doul, Joe D. (DiMaggio?), Hobie Landrith, (catcher), and Con Dempsey (?)