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                                                 Big Rec, Golden Gate Park, SF  Circa 1910


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                Sunday, October 15th, 2016                      
Park Bums00401xxxx5605

2B - Ben Amundson (2), Jim Cullen (1)

3B - Danny Rico (1)

HR - Erik Throm (1), Loren Myrow (1), Cesnae Crawford (1)

SB - Leon Alcantar (1), Dave Chilcote (1)

Errors - Ben Amundson (1), Gino Bertolozzi (1)


Aubrey Moore 5.0644561
Leon Alcantar 5.0652362

W: Aubrey Moore

L: Leon Alcantar


Field:  Big Rec - Nealon

Umpire:  Beau Hastings

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The star of this game was Cesnae Crawford with his 3-run blast in the 3rd.

Overall it was a well played game.     





2012 Game Recaps


2 September, 2012 - Moscone, SF


Park Bums - 13

Ballers       - 10


"I've been waiting 18 years to make this call!"

Overall a great day for baseball.

The Park Bums beat the Ballers 13-10.

In what was perhaps the only time anyone at the game had ever seen it, Rule 7.05 (C) was enforced, and at the most inopportune time - bases loaded!

With the bases loaded, the batter ripped a line drive about 10' directly over the head of the 2nd baseman, who shall remain nameless.  The 2nd baseman threw his glove up in the air and deflected the ball.  Harvey, an excellent ump in my opinion, ran out towards the mound and said, "I've been waiting 18 years to make this call!"  He awarded all 3 base runners home plate and the batter 3rd base.  It turned a blowout into a much more competitive game.




  L   T  
- .750-
Park Bums
.250 2
0-2 1-1





  Game Recaps



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Saturday, January 22nd


First Pitch:  10AM

  Location:   West Sunset - SF


      Ballers - 2

Park Bums - 7




Park Bums -

Ballers - 


Sunday, January 16th


First Pitch:  10AM

  Location:   Moscone - SF


Park Bums - 14

       Ballers -  6



Park Bums -




Sunday, September 19th


First Pitch:  10AM

  Location:  West Sunset, Field #1 - SF


Park Bums - 15

       Ballers - 10



Park Bums - Pedro Sanchez, 1-1, 3BB, 3Runs

Ballers - Mike Hughey, 2-3, 2Runs, DBL




Saturday, September 4th


First Pitch:  10AM

  Location:  Moscone - SF


Park Bums - 5

       Ballers - 8


     WP-Loren Myrow

       LP-Keith Roban

       SV-Miles Nishioka





Saturday, July 3rd


First Pitch:  10AM

  Location:  Big Wreck - Graham, SF


Park Bums - 6

       Ballers - 5


Ballers Fan 13 Bums, Lose 6-5.


The field at Big Wreck might have been sloppy but the weather was anything but.


In a mostly well played game the Park Bums, still smarting from an 8-0 blanking at the hands of the Ballers, came out on top 6-5.  Ballers' rookie starter Micah Mitchell pitched well in 3 of his 4 innings of work but the 2nd inning included 2 walks, 3 hits, 1 HBP, an error and a WP-K which resulted in a 4-run frame.  The Ballers took a 5-4 lead in the 5th but the Bums tied it up in the top of the 6th off pitcher Keith Roban.  Dave "Chilly" Chilcote pitched well over the final 3 frames but allowed the go ahead and winning run in the 7th.

Pitching for the Park Bums was Loren Myrow, Mike Ford and Bill Durbrow.




Sunday, May 30th


First Pitch:  10AM

  Location:  Big Wreck - Nealon, SF


       Ballers - 8

Park Bums - 0



Ballers Blank Bums 8-0!


In the first shutout in Bay Area Pickup Baseball history the Ballers' dominant pitching shutout the powerful Park Bums lineup.

 On the bump for the Ballers was newcomer Stewart Merritt who set the tone for the Ballers.  The hard throwing Stewart pitched 3 or 4 scoreless innings with 3 or 4 k's and a couple of walks.  Stewdog also added a single at the plate and scored once.  The rest of the Ballers' pitching staff, Dennis Briskin, Loren Myrow and Bill Durbrow also put up goose eggs for this 10 inning game.

 For the Park Bums Rafael Ibarra blasted what appeared to be a sure triple but pulled up lame at 2nd.  We all hope Raffy makes a full recovery from whatever caused him to inexplicably stop at 2nd.  It was too bad to.  A wild pitch to the next batter got him to 3rd instead of scoring a run.  Unfortunately the batter eventually struck out for the second out and the following batter grounded out.  It was the Park Bums best chance to score but they weren't able to make it happen.

 A special welcome to Shawna Bryant of the CWBL Fillies.  I don't read Sanskrit but it appears from the score sheet that she was 0-1 with 2 BB's.




Sunday, January 3rd


First Pitch:  11AM

  Location:  Moscone, SF


Park Bums  - 3

       Ballers  - 4


Ballers Win Squeaker In 9th!


In a well played game that almost didn't happen, red-curry-with-chicken-lovin' Patrick Holsberry delivered for the Ballers not just a home run earlier in the game but the game-winning RBI single in the 9th.  Mr. Holsberry also made some good plays in the field.

For the Park Bums, solid pitching performances were turned in by starter Rob Regan and reliever Loren Myrow.  While closer Keith Roban did retire the hard-hitting Holsberry in his previous AB in the 7th or 8th the second time around in the 9th favored Patrick as he ripped a bases-loaded bullet past the Bum's 2nd baseman.  It's true, walks will kill ya!  The Bums did hit a home run of their own but unfortunately I forgot who it was.

A special thanks to Bill Durbrow for getting the field ready and for sweet talking SF Parks and Rec groundskeeper Greg and umpire Nils into allowing the game to be played.  Greg and Nils were this far, (index finger and thumb about a half a millimeter apart), from putting the kibosh on our day of baseball.  The pitching mound was a little sloppy.  Bill convinced them otherwise, the mound dried out quickly and a great day of baseball was had under sunny skies.  Thanks Bill.

Sorry, no player stats for this game.  I haven't decided if I'll try it again.  I probably will but it can be a hassle if I'm sidetracked just prior to the game start.  That's when rosters need to be set up in the application.  During the summer it's going to be a lot easier because rosters are known and can be setup in the app before you get to the yard.  Setting the batting order is super easy.

I do like being able to post complete stats and not just highlights.  I'll leave the 12/26 player stats on here so you can see an example of the iscore stats and score card.


  2009 Standings


Home Road
.800 -3-0
37+21 Won 3 4-1-1



Player Stats Click Here


These stats are for the last game of 2009.  They are not complete and are not totally accurate.  The 12/26/09 game was the first time I tried using iscore at an actual game.  Plus I had help from other players who had never seen the scoring app.  I didn't do the fielding stats because of all the defensive substitutions and I don't know many of the players.


    2009 Game Recaps



Saturday, December 26th


First Pitch:  11:00AM

  Location:  Moscone/Hennessey


Ballers - 1

Gnads  - 8


Gnads Take '09 Season Finale!


Another great day of baseball.  Luckily the rain didn't arrive until about an hour after the game.  YES!

It seems the Ballers are having a hard time competing with the more powerful Gnads' lineup.  Both teams featured excellent pitching but a spate of errors cost the Ballers' hurlers a chance at a win.

Look for the Ballers to come out swingin' in the 2010 season opener.

Thanks to Paul Wiederecht for the cool photos.




Sunday, November 29th


First Pitch:  1:00PM

Location:    Moscone/Hennessey, SF



Gnads    - 13

Ballers   - 3


A great day for baseball.




Sunday, September 6th


First Pitch:  10AM

Location: Balboa Park, Sunberg Diamond, SF


Ballers - 4

Gnads  - 9



Gnads Bash Ballers!

Studer Collects First Double Since Johnson Administration!


An untimely rash of tummy aches, hangnails, hangovers and misread email resulted in a game of 7 on 7.  A little disappointing yes but after the game got underway it is safe to say that fun was had.

Starting on the bump for the Gnads was the sneaky-fast Eric Brown.  The righty went 5 strong giving up approximately 1 earned run.  Keith Roban pitched the final two innings for the Gnads and was very effective.  Other than a bloop single and a deflected infield hit Roban was dominant and appears to have found his old form.  

For the Ballers the big blast of the day was supplied by Ramon Palacios in the top of the first.  Ramon belted a homer over the left fielder's head and with no fence at Balboa he was off to the races.






Sunday, July 5th

First Pitch @ 10AM

Silver Terrace Field.     Click here for map.


Gnads  - 9

Ballers - 9


Yes, it was a tie.  Thanks Chris!
A recap will be posted, maybe.






Sunday, May 24th

First Pitch @ 10AM

Big Wreck-Graham, Golden Gate Park


Ballers - 12

Gnads  - 13


Gnads Win!


Ballers handed first defeat in franchise history.


On a cool and overcast day at the Wreck the hapless Gnads finally put one in the win column by beating the Ballers 13-12.

The Gnads offense was led by flame thrower Jonny Dyer who was 3 for 3 with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored.  Most notably for Dyer was his 2-run blast in the bottom of the 4th off lefty Keith Roban.  When asked about the home run after the game Roban quipped, "for the first 60 feet that was a hell of a pitch."  Dyer started for the Gnads and pitched well for 3 innings despite giving up a 2B, 3B and earholing Chris Justen.

The potent Ballers offense featured their most recent acquisition, Miles Simcox.  Despite the wildness of the Gnads starter, Simcox pounded an RBI triple and an RBI double.  Miles also started on the bump for the Ballers and went 3 innings.

The day belonged to the Gnads and their lineup hopes to build on this stunning upset.  Way to go Gnads!

What has become a bitter and contentious rivalry continues July 5th when these two teams once again 'Wrumble at the Wreck' or some other field that isn't a piece of shite.







Saturday, May 9th

First Pitch @ 10AM

Big Wreck-Graham, Golden Gate Park


Gnads  - 6

Ballers - 8


                   Ballers Win Season Opener 


The weather was absolutely perfect for baseball at the Wreck.  The inaugural clash of these two titans was nothing less than spectacular.  The Gnads were defeated by the Ballers 8-6 in a game that featured excellent pitching, stellar defense and timely hitting.

The game MVP was Aaron Selix of the Ballers.  The hard-throwing lefty started on the bump and pitched very well over 5 innings.  Aaron also hammered a double and a bomb of a triple.