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MSBL National Fees

The fees listed below are sent to Steve Sigler at MSBL National in New York every year. They are in addition to the local costs of organizing and operating the 4 Bay Area MSBL leagues. The fees are not compensation for local league commissioners or board members, they are fees collected from players and sent directly to Steve Sigler at MSBL National in New York.


Most players understand that organizing a 25-team league with a 16-game schedule, like the BAMSBL, involves a lot of planning and work. I have no doubt that a majority of players are not at all opposed to local league commissioners/presidents and board members being reasonably compensated. I think they should receive a reasonable stipend. It's the fees to Steve Sigler at MSBL National that are at issue.


Support for continued affiliation with MSBL National and its extravagant fees primarily comes from those literal handful of league players who attend MSBL regional and national tournaments.


MSBL affiliation for tournament participants is NOT required.


For example, if an SFNABA team wants to play in an MSBL tournament they only need to pay a $26 per-player tournament registration fee and they're in.  This is a fact.


10% of the membership of these MSBL leagues are forcing the remainder of the membership to pay an obscene fee simply to be an MSBL affiliate under the false assumption that MSBL affiliation is necessary for tournament participation.


This is why I referred to local league commissioners and board members in my September 27th email as being dishonest and wasteful.


The fees paid to MSBL National are not just unnecessary for us to play ball on Sundays or in MSBL tournaments, they are completely unreasonable, to put it politely.

BAMSBL - $4,500
Reduced from $9,500 per year to $4,000 per year by former commissioner Bob Rice and subsequently increased to $4,500 by current commissioner Jim Frenn. 
REBL MSBL - $17,862  ($26 times their 687 registered players)
What they actually pay MSBL National is probably closer to $15,000 each year.
I'll update when I receive accurate figures.
SJMSBL - $9,100   (approx.)
Tri Valley MSBL - $10,000   (approx.)


Combined, the 4 Bay Area MSBL leagues send approximately $40,000 to

New York every year.


For its $4,500 fee to MSBL National, the 25-team BAMSBL receives 25 to 30 score books with a value of $250-$300. It does not receive financial or other assistance with pre-season planning or the weekly operation of the league.


Who in their right mind would cut a check for $15,000 for 38 score books worth about $380 and say it's a hell of a deal?  Rick Cantor of the REBL MSBL would and does, every year.  Does it make sense to pay $4,500 for 25 score books worth $250 and then tell league membership that we're getting good value for the money?  Jim Frenn and others in the BAMSBL think it makes a great deal of sense.  No thinking, reasonable person in their right mind would pay these kinds of fees yet they are paid to Steve Sigler in New York year after year after year.


$4,500, or $15,000 for REBL players, is simply the cost of being an MSBL affiliate and it's ridiculous.



Jim Frenn - BAMSBL commissioner.

Rick Cantor - REBL MSBL commissioner.

Mike Zamba - SJMSBL commissioner.


Mike Protheroe - President of the Tri Valley MSBL.


(from my September 27th email)
"Wow. Thank you for doing this, Keith. I detest inefficiencies and this appears to be a sizable one. I appreciate you bringing this to everyone's attention."
"interesting proposition"
"Amen to that"
"Aggressive!.. well done"
"What a racket. That stats site is shit!" <----(the antiquated, late-90's-era Tri Valley site) 
"Right on brother!"
"I can help create the non-profit organization, but the logistics of running a full season of baseball looks daunting. "
"Hi Keith, I applaud your email!  The amount that the national organization collects vs what all the local leagues get back is ridiculous.  Good luck, and I look forward to seeing where this goes."
"Hi Keith, Please unsubscribe me from this list.  Thank you.  I totally support what you are doing, I just haven't played baseball in years now so I think it's time to remove myself from the email list!" 
Regardless of your league affiliation, (SJMSBL, REBL, Tri Valley, SFNABA, BAMSBL), your comments & suggestions are more than welcome.